7 Benefits of reading for pleasure

Updated: May 17

Dear parents, have you ever discovered the benefits of reading for pleasure?

Are you a book lover? When was the last time you read a book, a blog post or a news article? Do you find it beneficial to read every day or regularly? If you're one of those people who don't make a habit of reading for pleasure, you might be missing out.

Let me tell you something. When it comes to reading, some people think reading is only essential when related to work, school, or anything important. We forget that reading for pleasure also has many benefits. Reading for pleasure has social benefits and can make people feel connected to their broader community. It increases our understanding of who we're, also, gives us insight into other's perspectives and improves our health and well-being throughout life.

Reading is also a powerful tool when understood completely and used correctly. It will let you see a whole new perspective and improve one's thinking. Reading is not only important when looking for information, but it also benefits our brain function and calms our nerves.

Here are the seven reasons why one must read regularly and the benefits of it.

1. Reduces stress

Stress tends to build up throughout the day, and it's something we can't avoid easily, especially when dealing with family and work-related issues. When it's bedtime, you might be battling hitting the sheets and falling right asleep, and more likely to ruin your next day's plans. But flipping a couple of pages of your favorite book may help you fall asleep.

According to the 2009 study at the University of Sussex, six minutes of reading reduces stress levels by 68%. It was found that reading decreases blood pressure which calms the mind and relaxes the body. It doesn't matter what type of book you're reading as long as you're enjoying reading it. It reduces tension and helps the body relax while learning something in the process. You can also give it a shot if you're one of those who struggle to fall asleep after a long day.

2. To gain more knowledge.

Not only does regular reading helps you reduce stress, but it can also increase your brainpower. As you read more, you gain more knowledge, and you deepen your understanding of that matter.

That specific knowledge may be useful to solve a problem or create new ideas.

3. To be updated

We read the news to have the fresh fact. Also, it can be a good conversation starter. It will be a means to connect with other people and create new relationships.

4. Improves vocabulary and comprehension

Books have unfamiliar words that we don't get to hear or use every day. That's okay. Because of that, we learn that we still have many words to know. With these, we can have the advantage of having a word bank and to help widen our vocabulary as we read more. Also, with reading, we will develop our comprehension as we understand the message it conveys.

5. Boosts cognitive brain function

The brain will be stimulated as it is continually challenged. When reading, the reader organizes the words into thoughts to the message it relates. This is a process of information. The reader will organize ideas, understand the meaning, and connect with them.

6. Fires up your imagination that may lead to creativity

Reading opens new possibilities, ideas, and solutions. Reading allows you to view different perspectives, ask questions, and identify patterns that may lead to better problem-solving skills and innovation.

7. Improves concentration

Reading can be a tool to improve concentration. To understand, we have to give our full attention to what we are reading. It lets us focus on what we are doing and be fully present in it.


Reading has proven to be essential in our lives. It develops our thoughts and be open to new ideas. It can solve a problem when understood and applied correctly. It keeps our minds active and going. It gives us complete knowledge and diverse viewpoints.

  • Reading is productive, and it can be for one's self-improvement

  • Reading can change your life for the better

  • Reading can help to correct your habits

A book is powerful as it is packed with information and stories to tell, but it wouldn't significantly impact if there will be no readers. Keep on reading!


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