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I believe you should bring your entire self to the table if you want to flourish in today's crazy world; your personality, passion, sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart. These are the components that brought me to start Parent Smart Ideas.

 About me 

My name is Pamela; I am an Educational  Assistant and a mom of almost five beautiful kids. I founded this blog with a mission to help other parents celebrate the joyful chaos that comes with having a family. And to develop a strong sense of what it means to be a parent, I hope my blog will give you the skills and encouragements you're looking for. 

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My husband, Gui and I have been married for over a decade, and together, we have four beautiful kids, and another one is on the way. Their ages range from 13-to 5 years old; I love being a mother, and you can't imagine how proud I am to be a mom, even though I get overwhelmed sometimes. I love being surrounded by my kids all the time because of the giggles and the grins. My kids amaze me every day with their discoveries. They have taught me to be patient, more loving, and much more appreciative of every moment we spend together as a family.


 My goal

I designed this blog by combining my passion for writing and my parenting experience to empower other parents worldwide. As they said, "blog your passion." I am here to do just that. Parent Smart Ideas is where I express my passions and clues as to what inspires me in the universe. This place will provide you with parenting and lifestyle content that informs, inspires and gives you brilliant ideas.  


My main goal here is to help you simplify building a positive family and reinforcing your parenting skills. Believe it or not, taking care of your family and yourself may not always be easy. You may encounter many challenging and risks in your parenting life. Without proper strategies and smart ideas, you will be more likely to lose yourself in the process of parenthood.  I have been writing all these ideas in my notebook from my personal experience as a mother. And now, I think it's a time to share those ideas with the world helping other mothers like me improve their parenthood experience.


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